Washington State University (2007)

“I appreciated the support you gave in making our tour a great experience... I believe the tour has prepared us for the upcoming season. I think the foreign tour brought our team that is already close, even a little closer together. They will have this experience for the rest of thier lives.”

Tony Bennet
Former Head Coach
Washington State University


Wanger College (2005)

“We found our dealings with Horizon Sports Events to be very professional and we appreciate your support in making our tour a great experience... The tour has prepared us well for the season ahead. In addtion to the competition, the experience in a foreign country has provided our players with the chance to bond further as a unit.”

Mike Deane

Head Men’s Basketball Coach (2005)
Wanger College



Haileybury College (2005)

“It was a great experience and opportunity for our students to play in the US and Canada and be exposed to the US basketball culture. It created new friends and perhaps even provided a couple of our players with goals and opportunities for the future.”

John Cantwell
Head of Basketball (2005)
Haileybury College


Caulfield Grammer School (2006)

“For all of our players and staff, this tour will be one of our lasting memories of our involvement with Caulfield Grammer School and this in no small part to the efforts of everyone at Horizons Sports Events.”

Scott Wodetzki
School Sports Administratior & MIC Basketball
Caulfield Grammer School